Are You Blessing or Cursing Yourself?

In this vlog I speak about blessing or cursing ourselves by the things we say. I only want good vies and thoughts around me 😉

– I am a natural sista who loves wigs 😉 chances are its a wig! Ha!


I am usually wearing Mac products on face.
My eyes I love lengeth adding mascara so I use a variety
My lips vaseline rosy lips (my fav chapstick) if its color its Mac or some sort of Matte lippy

Filming and Editing: Adobe “`
-Camera: Canon
-Editing Software: imovie or Adobe

Videographer: Alysa Banuelos
Editor: Daniel Pineda
Channel Logo created and designed by:
-Guerilla Grafix
-Instagram: @apeshitclothing



Business Inquiries:
I love small businesses! if you make your own clothes I am already in love and any natural products you have my heart! Me and my babies thank you (they aren’t such babies anymore)… E-mail me so we can have an opportunity to work together!

Contact Information:
-Twitter: @DianneMyles
-Instagram: @DianneMyles

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    Linda Ikeji
    July 29, 2017 at 2:24 am

    So a friend of mine and fellow blogger, Chisom Ojukwu nominated me for something called A Blog Tour last week.
    Chisom is someone I’ve known for long time (since junior secondary school) and he is a really good
    and versatile writer. He blogs here:
    Visit to see some of his works.

    So, this blog tour, which I hadn’t heard of before he told me, goes like this: I answer four questions and then nominate
    3 other talented bloggers I know. These bloggers will do the same on their respective
    blogs and it goes on and on and on and on and on. You get
    the picture.

    So without much ado, let’s get to it

    What am I working on?

    Hmmm. Quite a number of things, but I’ll narrow it down to the really
    short-term ones that are nearing completion. Y’all even know one of it, which will be accessible in 2 days time.
    I’ve been working to increase content and get guest writers on board as well.
    The plan is to have at least one post every week,
    churning them out every weekend for your reading pleasure. started as a creative outlet (at the suggestion of Gbenga Awomodu) 3 years ago, then evolved to something serious.

    Also, I’m almost done with the web design & database management course I’ve
    been taking for a while now. Since most of
    what I do is online, it’s only logical that I know what I’m on about right?

    How does my work differ from others of its genre?

    Now this question is funny (not haha funny), I’ll try to
    answer though. I’d like to think it’s a lot. Everyday, someone somewhere in Nigeria is opening a new
    blog because they see it as a money-making venture. They all want to be the
    next Linda Ikeji or Bellanaija. These blogs also copy verbatim the contents of these
    already established blogs, only to give up if the money doesn’t come quick
    enough. It’s not bad to want to be successful like they are, but you have to find your
    niche and have patience

    As I said before, this blog started at the suggestion off a friend as
    a place to practice my writing skills. I didn’t worry my head if anyone would read it and I wasn’t consistent with putting up new
    posts at that. But I became serious at the urging of another friend, Leke Togun, last year.
    I’m happy did because I’ve been able to cover a lot of
    ground between then and now. I developed content based on what I would like
    to read in a blog, what do I enjoy doing and
    experiences I would like to share and went upward from there.
    A few people say that they don’t enjoy my blog, more say they do.
    In all, I just want to share with the world what I’m good at and have fun while doing

    So I’d say it’s different that way.

    Why do I write what I do?

    Simple. To express myself. When I write, I have time to think and choose what I say.
    Some people say my writing voice is different from my talking voice.
    That might be true, but I’ll let you be the judge.

    How does my writing process work?

    My close friends say that I have OCD, because all over my place,
    I have notebooks, sticky notes and writing pads where I write stuff down as ideas come (which is lot), if not I tend to forget.

    In my hand bag, on any given day, you’ll
    find a notebook and pen in it. If I happened to forget
    them, I’ll write on anything that’s available.
    A recharge card will do. Otherwise, I use Evernote. With
    all the scribbling, I have to find time to compile everything on my laptop.
    Please, someone should invent an app that does that.

    When I’m stuck in a rut, I surf online for ideas or read a book or

    So unto the next one, these are the awesome bloggers I know:

    Deolu Adeleye

    Deolu is a Computer Engineering graduate of the University of Lagos,
    as well as a professional editor. He is (learning
    to be) good with the pen, and being on the receiving end of the love
    of God in Christ Jesus. He believes in being a channel of that love to his neighbours.

    He runs a blog, ‘Deolu Blogs Here’, where he writes (very) short stories (usually 55-word fiction), as well as some life lessons learnt (thus far).
    He tweets @55wordsorless

    Olaniyi Babatunde aka T-BABS

    If you follow my blog, then you’ve already met him. His was the very first guest post on Chronicles of
    a Corper Shun. T-BABS is alternatively a production engineer,
    a rapper, blogger & OAP. He loves good music – hip-hop to be
    exact and is also a tech/gadgets & social media enthusiast.
    Check his blog at or reach him through:

    Facebook: Olaniyi T-Babs Babatunde
    Twitter: @itstbabs
    LinkedIn: Olaniyi Babatunde

    Yagazie Emezi

    Franca and I became best friends while growing up – she, Uzoaru and I.

    Our love for books brought us together. I remember then, exchanging Baby Sitters Club, Fear Street, Point Horror
    and Goose Bump books. She introduced me to the world of Harry Potter and I can proudly say she has evolved into woman who isn’t afraid to share her views.
    She is a visual artist and cartoonist, as well as a video blogger whoseYouTube channelis a popular digital platform that discusses social issues, hilarious snippets of personal
    life, and a plethora of topics rarely addressed openly in African communities, such
    as eating disorders and sexuality. Her website provides a platform to
    showcase the works of young and upcoming photographers and their points of view of Africa.
    She tweets here @YagazieEmezi.

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    September 19, 2017 at 7:41 am

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